Tuesday, August 20, 2019

New Blog, New Motivation

(I have retired my WordPress Blog -- Journey Through the Word Forest -- and started this new blog: Writing the Journey.)

After my husband finished his long-awaited (and AWESOME, by the way) CD, I started thinking about my project and how much I truly want to finish it. I have let so many things get in the way over the past several years — yes, I said several years.

The idea for my novel germinated back in 1997. The main idea of the book has been overhauled a few times and I started writing the novel about 10 year ago. My problem is that I let other things take precedence...work, home, volunteering, etc., so my calculations of time actually spent working on my novel add up to about 9 months. Seriously.

My talent for procrastination is incredible. I can make up any excuse to avoid doing something...even those things I really want to do, like writing. While work, home, and volunteering are all valid reasons, they do not take up the whole of my day. I feel like, if my husband can finish his CD, then I can finish my novel, right? Of course, I can. I just need to stop procrastinating. Hmmm. How does one do that exactly? This is the 64 million dollar question.

I decided my first step is to take advantage of the fact that we are moving to another state soon to step back from a few things, specifically my work with the Foundation. More recently, I decided to resign my many posts there at the end of the year if we don’t move by then (we must sell our home before we can buy another to move). I want to finish my novel, do some traveling with my husband, and just get out more. Right now, I have become so entrenched in the Foundation I always have something to do for them, not really good for me anymore.

Step 1 will also help me reduce my stress levels, which are astronomical with a huge move on the horizon. Writing is relaxing for me, so that will also help relieve stress. My second step is to allow myself to drift and actually think about my novel, where it should go from where I left off, creating and organizing a timeline, and just allow the ideas ruminate. Creativity happens when you allow it to ruminate.

It’s never been about writer’s block, just lack of attention. I have made promises to myself before, so how do I know this time will be different? I am a procrastinator, after all. Well, I Don’t know that this time will be different. However, I DO know that if I don’t try, I will never finish my novel. So, I’m resolving to try again.