Monday, July 27, 2020


Writer’s write, right? So I have been faithfully working on my short story, trying to finish the epilogue. I finally finished it, so I wanted to upload it Scriggler, to the writers’ platform I used for my last story. However, when I tried to log on to Scriggler, I found it was no longer there. Bummer! I went on a search for another writers’ platform and found It seems to be a good platform, so I am posting my writings there for now. 

I’ve uploaded two pieces so far: a poem I wrote today and the short story I finished a few days ago.  

I’ve also been working on my novel. Creating more scenes that will flesh out the story and the characters. Writing again feels good and I feel productive. There’s a certain satisfaction in getting words down on a page; a small sense of accomplishment.  Now to keep the momentum going.

N C Overton
July 27, 2020