Monday, June 15, 2020

Is Your Character Acting Up?

I’ve been stymied on my novel for a while, so I’ve taken the time to work on a short story — which is coming along nicely. Part of the reason I’ve been stymied is that my main villain is evolving into a more likable character and I’m not sure if I like that. Such changes to characters can change your plot line as well, and not always for the better! 

In this crazy time of viruses and anarchy in the streets my husband and I became overwhelmed by all the negativity on the news and the hateful things people were saying and doing to each other and we decided to make a change. We decided to stop watching this crap that just flows negative energy into our home and return to ourselves. While this initially sounds out-of-place, it is the very reason for this post. 

Being a writer and having a couple of projects going, I decided to start my morning reading about writing. I came across this post on Nathan Bransford’s blog. He was writing about runaway characters. Well, of course, I had to read it because one of my characters was acting up. I’m so glad I did! The thoughts in his post helped me work through my character’s antics and how they might affect the plot if I let him go on that way. Big breakthrough for me and for my character! Thank you, Nathan!

I am sharing his post in the hope that it may help you as well. 

Always remember to #BeKind